Spas and pergolas (both of which harken back to ancient Rome) marry well because hot tubs are primarily enjoyed outdoors — sitting in position under the sky — and its natural that some shade is desirable.

Pergola rafters provide partial shade, but, if you want more, it’s easy to train vines across its roof. For those who want a total escape from the sun, there’s no rule against closing the roof entirely into a gazebo to maximize protection.

The only considerations when marrying the two are to ensure your pergola dimensions are large enough to accommodate the hot tub you have (or plan to purchase) and that it coordinates with the spa’s shape.

In fact, flexibility abounds. We are frequently called upon to customize a pergola or gazebo for our clients, and just as frequently to recommend one of our budget-friendly pergola kits. However, if you have your hot tub sorted out already, and are a bit handy, the pergola part of this marriage is a great DIY project. See Tips at the end of this post.