As part of a full backyard makeover, these clients wanted a Bullfrog Spa set in an attractive setting. The idea was to create a hot tub haven — or idyllic backyard refuge. To do this, we sunk the hot tub halfway into the ground, and surrounded it with boulders and flowering plantings for a strong visual impact.

A very special part of this installation was the addition of a water feature. It consists of a “pondless” waterfall and stream, strategically placed so as to be viewed from both the main kitchen window as well as the hot tub.

One reason the clients chose a Bullfrog Spa for their hydro-therapeutic retreat was for its interchangeable massage jets/seats (JetPaks) that are as comfortable as they are soothing. Plus, setting the hot tub in between two levels of their beautiful new Techo-Bloc patio, we were able to position it near their back door, ensuring they can take advantage of its healthful waters year-round.