Portable spas have become extremely popular, partly because they are very cost-friendly compared to in-ground custom spas or a swimming pool for that matter; and they are easy to install. Bullfrog Spas, the portable hot tubs we specialize in, also offer extremely comfortable seats; these “JetPak” seats come in a wide range of interchangeable massage jets options.

However, Best Hot Tubs doesn’t just sell superb hot tubs. We are also expert at installing a spa so it has the look of a partial in-ground installation.

The key is to set a new portable hot tub tightly against a patio or deck. This should be done so the spa remains completely exposed on the back for good water drainage and accessibility — yet the positioning still hints at a custom-installed spa.


Installation Options

In some cases, Best Hot Tubs’ clients choose to upgrade their patio or deck at the same time, which can provide a look that belies its budget-friendly costs. Remember, there’s no fussy hot tub installation involved, just an upgrade to the deck/patio.

In other cases, a pre-existing deck or patio can be cut to fit a spa neatly.

For raised decks, it’s not complicated to build a spa cradle that will lift up and support the spa as required.