Why is a hot tub cover so important? Frankly, there’s lots of reasons.



First. It saves a lot of hot tub maintenance. When the wind blows and dirt and leaves fall, you’ll be glad a hot tub cover has you covered. Debris affects the sanitary conditions of the water. So having a cover helps a great deal.

Equally important is the safety these provide. They decrease the possibility of accidental drowning by preventing children who cannot swim from slipping or falling in it. And by installing and using a good cover, the chances of accidents fall sharply.

Fortunately, dealerships like Best Hot Tubs include a cover in the price of our hot tub packages. While other dealers may offer seemingly good pricing, when you start factoring in valuable accessories such as a cover, the price goes way up.

Also, our Bullfrog Spas package includes a cover that perfectly fits the size, shape and cabinet of the hot tub you are purchasing (or perhaps already own).


You will use your cover more regularly if it’s easy to open and close and if it is attractive and suits your hot tub model. So be sure to get a matching cover that fits your hot tub size, design, and where you wish to place it.

Some of the covers available come in popular cabinet matching colors such as Espresso, Cordovan, Portobello, White, Redwood Brown, Walnut/Teak, Coastal Gray and Black.


Best Hot Tubs Installation

Best Hot Tubs Installation

Depending on where and how you wish to position your hot tub in your yard, ask a dealership like Best Hot Tubs to help you choose the perfect cover: dimensions, color, and the cover lifter to meet your needs.





A hot tub cover is also very important for energy efficiency.

However, if your cover is in poor condition and is leaking or is not sealed properly, all the heat is going out of the top and you are spending extra money on energy you don’t need to.

We recommend covers that are superb in their ability to insulate.

And to ensure your hot tub maintains optimal heat retention, the right cover for your needs should fit even snug places.





There are also very special custom options available.

This Cabaña Escape creates a beautiful, safe, and private place for you to relax and increase your health and wellness. These covers are designed for Bullfrog Spas. We don’t believe you will find a maintenance-free gazebo and spa cover for a better value than Bullfrog’s Cabaña Escape.

How it works: the cabana/cover has 4 hydraulic legs that are outside the tub with a pyramid hard cover on top which includes a safety lock. Simply push a button and the Cabaña Escape cover lifts up and turns into a gazebo. You can raise it only half way, if it is windy, or all the way for a handsome standard gazebo-roof.



Here’s a video on this wonderful Cabaña Escape: