Teens Love Hot Tubs

Teens Love Hot Tubs

Okay, at Best Hot Tubs, we think everything outdoors is better with a spa. But beyond our passion for the home hot tub, there is lots of anecdotal evidence that a spa does encourage more family time.

But teens, you say? Getting them to stay around home takes a miracle.

Actually, no. Hot tub enjoyment isn’t limited to the youngest children. When a spa is in your yard, teens love to invite their friends over.

Dressed in bathing suits, sipping cool drinks, listening to music via their favorite app — with Dad and Mom at the barbecue — is surprisingly attractive to them.

Making Peace with Teens’ Mobile Phones

Hot Tub Pizza Party found on Instagram

Hot Tub Teen Pizza Party found on Instagram

We can dream that we’ve found the perfect way to get our teens to put their phones down — and to some extent a hot tub can encourage that — but, the passion they have for their mobile devices is pretty much insurmountable.

So. Maybe the key is to make peace with that. Your teens will soon discover that  photos of themselves and their friends having fun in a hot tub makes great Instagram posts, for example, like this Instagram post of a teen hot tub pizza party we found (right).

Plus. Online streaming (Youtube, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu etc.) is huge with teens who will love vlogging about their hot tub regimes and parties.

Many teens today are also Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball, or Fantasy Baseball enthusiasts, and they would love having a home hot tub they can bill as Fantasy Central for game watching, and trading.

Encouraging Teens to be at Home, Year-Round

The great thing about a spa is that, unlike a pool, a portable hot tub, like one of our Bullfrog Spas, doesn’t get closed down come early September. Some hot tubbers even prefer the cooler months for spa fun and relaxation.

So as you extend your own outdoor living season with a new spa, your teens will also be outside in your yard, too. Your backyard might just become the “cool” place to be, this summer, and in every season.

Home Becomes Party Central with a Hot Tub

Home Becomes Party Central with a Hot Tub


Of course, if you are fortunate enough to have both a pool and a hot tub, your teens can invite more friends to their gatherings. Taking turns doing cannonballs into the pool, and relaxing in the hot tub’s soothing waters keeps everyone’s energy up and the mood bubbly.

And, as the hot tub will be a little bit warmer than the pool, once partiers get chilled from pool time, they can warm up in the hot tub. This is especially helpful once the sun goes down and evening temperatures set in.


Quality Time as a Family

Even Teens Enjoy Family Time in Hot Tub

Even Teens Enjoy Family Time in Hot Tub

Don’t be surprised that in addition to your teens loving to have friends over for hot tub parties, etc., that they spend more time with you as a family. When an after-dinner soak is part of the planning, it’s easier to get a routine of family time as part of daily life. 

We’re Here to Get You Started!

So, even if they don’t want to give up their mobile phones, a hot tub definitely encourages teens to spend more time at home. If you’d like to chat with a Best Hot Tubs team member on how we can best get you the hot tub that’s perfect for your family, email or call one of our showrooms:


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