As manager of Long Island Hot Tub’s Farmingdale showroom, Mike Berkowitz hears on a regular basis several misconceptions about hot tubs. We asked Mike to address some of these today for our readers:

Q   What is the most common misconception about hot tubs?

A.  “This always surprises me, but the most common one is that you can’t or shouldn’t run a hot tub in the winter. The reason behind this stems from years ago when hot tubs were not as well insulated as they are now.”

Q   How does the better insulation help?

A.  “Well, it saves a good deal of money. The temperature gets quite cold here on Long Island and the hot tub still has to keep the water up to temperature. In fact, in recent years Bullfrog Spas — which we specialize in — really beefed up their hot tub and hot tub covers insulation, which brought costs down from about $100 per month to about $25.00 today, so it’s no longer a problem.”

Q    Are there any other misconceptions related to winter?

A.   “Another issue concerning winter is that it’s a challenge to get to the hot tub when it snows. I always tell them that winter is the best time to use their hot tub. They should just position their spa as close to the backdoor