Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé Knowles

Hot tubs are showing up everywhere these days: popular singer Beyoncé was captured posing in front of one, The Big Bang Theory’s Howard and Bernadette purchased one last season, Rihanna shared a photo of herself in one at a ski resort, etc.

Does it matter what celebs are doing?

Pop culture icons tend to be savvy purchasers. They have come to expect comfort and utility — along with a bit of style. So when they want to relax aching muscles after performing or doing rigorous workouts, they want what you want: relief. A spa’s hydro jets offer gentle, or powerful, streams of water that calm the rawest nerves or aching muscles.

Celebrities, however, may have a key advantage over the rest us: an entourage of assistants and staff who do a lot of their shopping and leg work. In order to help out the staff-less, here’s some basics on owning a hot tub.

Above-ground spas

Frequently, the spas we see celebs using are above-ground portable spas — the type we specialize in. Custom in-ground spas are frequently linked up with a pool and not everyone wants this.

Handsome portable Bullfrog Spas STIL model

Handsome portable Bullfrog Spas STIL model

Although many see custom in-ground spas as aesthetically pleasing (and they are), some portable above-ground hot tubs, like the Bullfrog Spas we offer, are very stylish and handsome in their own right. Plus, portable hot tubs tend to have more jets and comfortable seats.

And we’re talking really comfortable massage seats over in-ground concrete spas…and these seats that can be designed just to fit you personally as you can see from this video:




More Helpful Info

While the above-ground hot tub arrives as a complete unit for easy placement, it is typically not a plug and play appliance. They do require a dedicated electric line and plumbing lines to fill and drain the unit. The installation of all spas also must be in accordance with national and local wiring rules. Always have a licensed Electrician perform the electrical installation.

Line Up of Bullfrog Spas at Best Hot Tubs Showroom

Line Up of Bullfrog Spas at Best Hot Tubs Showroom

At Best Hot Tubs, like many reputable dealers, we make it very easy for customers to set up the space in their yard. Our hot tubs can be installed almost anywhere, can sit on a surface such as a deck or patio, recessed in a deck, or installed flush level on a patio. Of course, they can also be installed inside.

Just as you need to road test a new car to see if you like it before you buy it, it is the same with a portable spa. It needs to be experienced firsthand and you may wish to stop by a hot tub showroom with working spa models you can try before you buy. We have three showrooms. And you can drop by anytime, or better yet, call ahead to schedule a “wet test.”

Best Hot Tubs;

Windham Showroom, 5354 Main Street, 5354 Route 23, Windham, NY 12496 (518) 734-9100

Westbury Showroom: 453 Old Country Road, Westbury NY 11590  516-279-4850

Farmingdale Showroom: 1050 Broadhollow Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735  (631) 465-0175


Are Hot Tubs Difficult to Operate?

Are Hot Tubs Difficult to Operate?



Be assured it doesn’t take much more than a love of the outdoors to own a hot tub. Sure, there are some things you need to do periodically to keep the water clean, and a few safety tips to learn. But there are many easy tutorials about how to use hot tub chemicals, plus any local hot tub dealer such as Best Hot Tubs will be available to answer questions, help you choose a model, install it properly, and even come to check on your hot tub if you require.



Best Hot Tubs own celebrities — Bill and Gina Renter — with their adorable pooch.

In the end, we’re all stars in our own lives, aren’t we? And the water’s fine. So come test the waters.