When comparison shopping for hot tubs/spas, judge manufacturers’ claims against reliable data


“People often question me as to why a particular Bullfrog Spa is more costly than others they’ve found on the internet,” says Bill Renter, owner and Best Hot Tubs (Farmingdale, Westbury, Windham/NY).

“I tell them, that’s easy. The single most expensive part in a Bullfrog Spa is its foam insulation. Along with Bullfrog’s efficient plumbing, this insulation makes owning and operating their spa much less costly. The foam contains the heat within so that very little is lost to colder outside air.”

Here’s a great video where an expert evaluates a so-called “deal” from a big box store. Note the lack of insulation etc.



Renter explains that many cheaper spas don’t insulate their hot tubs the same way as you see in the video. Manufacturers may decide that spending the extra $500 or so on the insulation would have to be included in the price. “Franky, they w