With so many of us stuck at home over the holidays, thoughts run wild with how to create some sort of adventure for ourselves and our families. 

Where to look for fresh inspiration? One adventure that’s mostly being done on a professionally large scale are  drone holiday light shows. 

Part of Walmart’s Holiday Light Show 

Part of Walmart’s Holiday Light Show

For example, if you happen to live in a city where Walmart is sponsoring such a light show, you’re in luck. The holiday light show can be enjoyed from your family vehicle with other families from the area.

Alas, Walmart shows are limited to a very few select cities and New York City is not one of them.

So this raises another question. Can hot tubbers and their families enjoy a modest, safe, at-home drone holiday light show?

If you have a hot tub, there’s a good chance the family will be spending time over the holidays outdoors in your spa. All you need is the drone, or drones, preferably ones that you can program with different colored lights that will suit your celebration.


Making a Holiday Drone Plan

Remember, Walmart techies have great mission control experience. And a lot of laws exist regarding where and how you can fly a drone. So be sure to check what’s legal before you and other family members design your own private event. And especially be sure not to do more than you and the family can handle easily — and safely — on your own. 

Drone Images in Sky

Drone Images in Sky

That said, perhaps you can get a few neighbors involved. Launching such an event is something that can be coordinated via social distancing from several home computers.

The basics involved include using a computer program that will turn graphics into flight commands and then communicate them to the drones. Pretty much any image can be done this way.

The drone’s lights are illuminated, synchronized and choreographed into a light show designed in the computer. A quick search of the internet will bring up how-to videos and information on drone show computer programs.

Below, we have a short video filmed by Kelsey Facino in California (shared originally by Daily Mail Videos) at what appears to be a neighborhood drone light show. It involves, says the video scrawl, “an entire army of drones.”


This may be a bit ambitious, but it is a good starting point for inspiration.



There’s no doubt that except for those who love technology, any of this might be too challenging for the average family to manage. But a couple of drones, lit in your favorite holiday colors, flying in formation around your hot tub could be thrilling enough.


Happy holiday hot tubbing!

Happy holiday hot tubbing!

Your hot tub is the perfect spot for viewing the night sky at any time — whether or not you’re doing a drone light show.


Drone Caution

Drone Family Fun

Drone Family Fun

Remember to be careful. Should your drone drop or fall into your hot tub — or any body of water — be sure to switch off its power and remove the drone battery as quickly as possible.

Steps for cleaning the drone are available online. Or you could get in touch with the manufacturer to be certain how to proceed.

Should you get a drone for the holidays and want to do your own modest light show, don’t forget to learn the rules regarding the operation of drones in your area.



Business Owners Take Note

Drone light displays have become so popular that companies have emerged who will design an ad campaign of drone light shows to promote your business.


Light Displays, Like No Other

If you’d like to see an example of Warlmart’s drone light shows, here’s a video: