A hot tub is no longer just a place for entertainment and fun – there are actually a number of health benefits that come along with spa ownership.  In a crazy, hectic, and sometimes overwhelming world, is it essential to find new, exciting, and simple solutions to maintain personal wellness.  Hot tubs are invaluable tools in achieving balance, diminishing stress, reconnecting with loved ones.

Hot water therapy has proven to have a number of medicinal and therapeutic benefits that can truly improve your life.  For instance, hot water therapy can be used to manage pain, such as to alleviate discomfort for sufferers of joint pain or arthritis.  Hydrotherapy is even recommended by the Arthritis Foundation as a tool for improving flexibility and strength.  Additionally, your Bullfrog spa can help to reduce soreness and swelling, especially when enjoyed following exercise.

With your Bullfrog Spa from Long Island Hot Tub (now Best Hot Tubs), you will find yourself enjoying a deeper, more relaxing night sleep.  Research published in the Jour