Since we opened our first showroom in Farmingdale, Best Hot Tubs has included a hot tub cover with all our spa packages. We do this because a quality hot tub cover will not only keep unwanted things out and reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep clean water, but a cover also keeps in the heat — saving energy. 

However. While our spa covers are well made, they still need some care. For one thing: when opening your spa, don’t pull too hard on its handles — especially if it’s covered with snow. 

Another excellent article in also warned recently, “Other misguided hot tub owners step in and then sit on the cover (an especially common habit when hot tub guests take a photo together). So, no sitting on your cover.

Keeping your cover cleaned according to manufacturer’s directions is another helpful bit of advice. I’s also very wise to keep your hot tub cover clear of debris: fallen limbs, wet leaves, snow, ice, etc. Because even though the whole purpose of a cover is to keep all that out of your clean spa water, and not thereby messing up your pH balanced, etc., even a cover can deteriorate over time if not kept free of contaminants.

Hot Tub Safety

Hot Tub Safety

When it comes to safety, a quality hot tub cover will hold the weight of a child, or family pet, and keep them from getting into the hot tub unattended.

Indeed, the hot tub covers we recommend meet the requirements for a “Manual Safety Spa Cover”: they’ve been proven to pass tests such as the ‘Static Load Tests’ for weight support, ‘Perimeter Deflection Tests’ preventing entry or entrapment between the cover and the side of the spa, and ‘Surface Drainage Test’ to ensure water will run off and not collect in dangerous amounts of rain. Photo: Bullfrog Spas.

Hot Tub Safety Locks

Hot Tub Safety Locks

Our safety covers do lock into place when not in use. However, for an extra layer of safety when there’s no supervision around, the hot tub cover can be completely locked down with this additional cover lock. Photo: Bullfrog Spas.

Hot Tub Cover Lifters (Long Island/NY):

Hot Tub Cover Lifters (Long Island/NY):

Another key amenity we include as part of our standard package is Bullfrog Spas’ cover lifter. This bar helps you do what the name implies: lift the cover — and in a matter of seconds. 

Let’s face it, if it’s easy to use, you’ll use it — and this makes it easy. It also will hold the cover up for extra privacy, not to mention it makes storing your cover the simplest of tasks. Cover lifters help the cover to take up little space and keeps it off the ground, ensuring it will last longer.

How’s This for a Great 

Hot Tub Cover Story

Hot Tub Cover as Superhero!

According to news reports awhile back, a three-year-old in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, fell from his home’s third-floor balcony onto an unusual Safety Net — the family’s hot tub cover.

Apparently unhurt, he nonchalantly walked back into the house and told his grandfather what happened, who quickly called paramedics. In an abundance of caution, he was taken in an ambulance for tests, where it was learned that the hot tub cover not only saved his life but completely protected him from injury.

This is a time when you wish DC Comics would recreate their superhero “Aquaman” riding the rolling seas in the security of hot tub cover! You got to admit, catching and supporting this little guy is an heroic feet.

Here’s a link to the news video:

To Sum Up

Bear with Margarita

Bear with Margarita

USA Today: Bear takes a dip in hot tub, sips a margarita.

While you have to appreciate a bear that knows a good thing, your hot tub cover, with its secure locks, should keep all uninvited guests like him from your hot tub.

And besides catching falling kids, it also keeps children safely out of the hot tub unless you’re with them.

Your hot tub will also help you save energy and keep your water clean. So your cover is worth caring for, don’t you agree?