There are many things you can do for Dad on Father’s Day. You can clean his golf clubs or make him breakfast in bed, for example. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a family hot tub, one sure-fired way to take his pampering up a notch is to give him a leisurely “Dad-only” session in the spa.

Quietly relaxing in its healthful waters, Dad will be away from his usual “to do lists;” he can lie back against his favorite JetPak* massage and let pulsing hydrotherapy relieve any aching muscles.

You can add to this relaxation with some little niceties on a try near the spa: his favorite cool drink, for example, and some fluffy towels. You can also have his iPod, or other android device, set to play his favorite music, docked in the hot tub’s spa-side waterproof locker.*


Bullfrog Spas’ Elite Audio Dock:

Bullfrog Spas’ Elite Audio Dock:

Protect and charge your iPod, iPhone, or other digital music player right in the spa-side water-proof device housing. Or, simply connect via bluetooth and stream your favorite playlists.


The gift of a clean hot tub and other gift ideas:

Father’s Day Treats:

Father’s Day Treats:

Getting the hot tub ready

1.  If the spa water hasn’t been changed in a few months, doing that for Dad is a gift he’ll appreciate. Mom and kids can help determine the best place in the yard to drain the spa’s existing water.

Next, a key step is to turn off the power at the breaker. Then find the drain, pull it out and remove the drain cap, and attach a standard garden hose. Once the spa is empty you can clean the interior of the tub. (More on how to drain the spa and clean the shell surface:


Draining Hot Tubs:

Draining Hot Tubs:

All it takes is a standard garden hose to empty the hot tub of existing water.


It’s easy-peasy to remove and clean Bullfrog Spas’ filters:

It’s easy-peasy to remove and clean Bullfrog Spas’ filters


2.  Removing and Cleaning Spa Filters –

Cleaning the spa filters is a very easy job for the family to do for Dad. Just place the spa in “Hold” mode and remove the FilterCap and filter plate, take out the cartridge and use the same garden hose you used to empty the spa to spray water over the filter’s pleats.