Will a Hot Tub Fit in My Yard?

Hot Tubs do not require tearing up the yard to install it.

Hot Tubs do not require tearing up the yard to install it.

We all know the promise of hot tub hydrotherapy — where steaming water treats everything from aches and pains to stress.

But a portable hot tub can also be a focal point and play a central role as the key water feature in your landscaping design.

To accomplish such a scene, says Bill Renter (Best Hot Tubs’ very own hot tub and spa expert) is to know how everything will look together once it’s all finished.

“That does not mean you have to tear up your yard,” adds Bill. “Unlike a pool, or other major changes, a hot tub often can fit with very little site preparation at all.”

To begin planning, Bill suggests the following tips:



Have Enough Space

Best Hot Tubs, NY

Best Hot Tubs, NY

— Check your area’s building codes. Some areas require a hot tub be at least five feet away from your home and from your property lines. And aesthetically, it may be wise to  allow even more room than that, depending on the shape of your yard, deck, patio, etc.

— The spot you choose for your hot tub should also be at least ten feet across and ten feet wide, although this depends on the size of the tub that you choose.

— You should also allow for enough room to be able to climb in and out of your hot tub safely. It would be wise to consider creating a pathway to the tub from the house to prevent getting grass and dirt in the water.



Best Hot Tubs, NY

Best Hot Tubs, NY

Having Enough Privacy

The right hot tub cover is not only important for energy efficiency and keeping your spa clean, it can be a snap to tilt upright for immediate added privacy.

(Note: Best Hot Tubs’ experts will help you choose the perfect hot tub cover (size/color etc.) for your portable spa as it is is part of all our hot tub packages.)






Best Hot Tubs, NY

Best Hot Tubs, NY

Getting Creative



—A hot tub, like this Bullfrog Spa, can be easily installed under a pergola or other outdoor architectural element.







In-ground Custom Look

Best Hot Tubs, NY

Best Hot Tubs, NY

— To further add to the outdoor scene, you may consider creating an in-ground hot tub look with a below-ground vault made to contain your portable spa. (This also makes getting in and out of your spa much easier.)

— Use the in-ground vault near your pool and it will look like the spa was custom built along with the pool.





Best Hot Tubs, NY

Best Hot Tubs, NY

Best Hot Tubs, NY

Best Hot Tubs, NY

Raise the Hot Tub on a Spa-Cradle

— Sometimes nestling your spa into a raised patio or deck requires a spa mount — big or small.

Other times you want raise your hot tub to take advantage of a nice view — like these two different clients did.




Best Hot Tubs, NY

Best Hot Tubs, NY

Set In Garden Look

— If you are looking for more elaborate and aesthetically pleasing design choices, consider surrounding your hot tub with some attractive flora. This will provide a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in addition to giving you a little privacy.


— Be sure to choose the right plantings. For most of the United States, this means deciduous trees and other plants that stay healthy and green year-round. But this will give you a great opportunity to experiment as long as you choose plants that are hardy enough not to be killed by Long Island’s cold weather.




Happy Best Hot Tubs Clients!

Happy Best Hot Tubs Clients!


Wherever you set your hot tub or spa, and however you install it, it’s fun for the whole family.  Frankly, it’s an ideal budget option to a pool.

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All but one of the Bullfrog Spas hot tubs showcased today were sold and installed by Best Hot Tubs.



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