Long Island, NY: Hot Tubs Can Boost Airbnb Home-Sharing Profits

Hot Tubbing is a Family Affair When Americans travel, says a recent feature in BisNow, only the accommodations themselves surpass the importance of travel quality. A swimming pool, for example, is way up there on travelers’ want-lists. Free parking, too. But did you know that a hot tub is [...]

2019 Resolution: Choosing an Energy-Efficient Bullfrog Spa

Early January is a great time to make resolutions that will ensure success and happiness in the year to come. For many, these will include living a life more ‘green.’  Green efforts, alas, frequently require sacrifice: choosing a smaller family vehicle; using less plastic; eating less meat; bringing re-usable bags to the grocery store; [...]

Look Up! In-Person Connections Are Good For Your Health

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Melissa McCarthy was on The Daily Show last night. Her segment ended with the actress-comedian encouraging viewers to connect with others, in person, whenever we can. Whether we’re walking on the street, in a bus or subway, McCarthy says we shouldn’t just be looking at our phones. [...]

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Bullfrog Spas: The Best Physical Therapy ‘Near Me’

When people google ‘near me’ for something they very much want, they are frequently looking for convenience, for something close by. Sometimes that need is significant and is ongoing. Consider one of our Best Hot Tubs clients. Having been advised by doctors that hot tub hydrotherapy would help him with the physical therapy he [...]

Hot Tubs: A Cure For End-of-Summer-Blues

The days are getting a bit shorter. Kids are back at school. And if you’ve got a pool, you’re planning on closing it soon.  For some, this time of year can bring on end-of-summer-blues. But can a hot tub really help? In our experience, yes it can. For one thing, when you own a [...]

‘Simplify Your Life Week’ Begins with Relaxation

This week is National Simplify Your Life Week. And it couldn’t show up in the calendar at a better moment.  Book Stores Consider, for example, CNBC’s report that sales of books related to anxiety are way up. Indeed, according to the bookseller Barnes and Noble, “We may be living in an anxious [...]

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Best Hot Tubs: Lordy! There’s a Shark in Our Spa!

Barbara Corcoran of ABC's Shark Tank You might think having a shark in a hot tub is a bad idea. But, that’s not necessarily so. At least not when the shark is an internationally recognized celebrity. The shark in question is Barbara Corcoran — real estate mogul, business expert, author, speaker, and [...]

How to Choose the Best Hot Tub for Your Personality

  One of the joys of having your own portable hot tub is how easily available it is, right in our own back yard! That said, we’re all individuals. So we thought we’d share a helpful post we discovered online. (Photo: Bullfrog Spas)     The Following Article Was Written by Bullfrog Spas For PoolAndSpa.com News [...]

5 Ways Hot Tubs Can Help Improve Health

Hot Tubs Are Fun and Good For You Spas are coveted for many reasons. They help us relax. They are also valued for improving relationships — including being touted as the perfect spot for a special date. Not to mention that they are a great place for the family to gather. But did [...]

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Picturesque Backyards Can Begin with a Portable Spa

Many homeowners look for ways to enjoy the outdoors, in an attractive setting, without breaking the bank. And to most, the ultimate picturesque yard includes some sort of water feature. As an age-old way to detoxify and relax, the easy-to-install portable spa meets all those needs. Hot tubs are easily integrated into their surroundings, and [...]

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