Preparing Your Hot Tub for Fall

You’ve heard of spring cleaning. Well, for hot tubs, fall cleaning is a thing, too. It’s really important to ensure your spa is pristine and ready for the fall season when you'll be using your hot tub a good deal. There’s no better place to take in fall foliage than relaxing in a [...]

Bullfrog Spas: The Best Physical Therapy ‘Near Me’

When people google ‘near me’ for something they very much want, they are frequently looking for convenience, for something close by. Sometimes that need is significant and is ongoing. Consider one of our Best Hot Tubs clients. Having been advised by doctors that hot tub hydrotherapy would help him with the physical therapy he [...]

Best Hot Tubs: A Great Cover Story

Since we opened our first showroom in Farmingdale, Best Hot Tubs has included a hot tub cover with all our spa packages. We do this because a quality hot tub cover will not only keep unwanted things out and reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep clean water, but a cover also keeps [...]

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Mother’s Day Ideas: A SPA-cation at Home

Owning a hot tub means special occasions can be celebrated at home — yet feel like escapes to vacation-land. So with Mother’s Day this Sunday, there’s no better way to cater to Mom than planning the perfect at-home spa-cation she doesn’t have to travel to (or organize). Celebrating Mother’s Day centered on the hot tub [...]

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Backyard Upgrade Designed for Family Fun

“We are so happy to be involved with this special Lawrence, NY, project,” says Best Hot Tubs’ store manager (Westbury), Dan Mirro. “We’ve been working with Massapequa-based London Landscape to include a new Bullfrog Spa as part of the backyard fun-land they are building.” Lawrence, NY, Backyard Upgrade The clients, adds Dan, love [...]

Aquatic Therapy Ideal For Physical Therapy/ Surgical Rehabilitation

Warm Water Therapy If you are dealing with the prospect of surgical rehabilitation or other physical therapy programs, it might be a good idea to discuss warm water immersion therapy with your doctor. Studies show that long after this treatment is used, patients who had such aquatic therapy (hydrotherapy) showed a positive difference [...]

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Making It Better: Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog’s STIL Modern Hot Tub Wins Prestigious Design Award More Than a Pretty Face Whether it’s Bullfrog’s handsome hot tub design, automatic spa cover option, spectacular massage JetPak technology, or their many other internationally-recognized features, Bullfrog Spas continue to get raves for their style. Today, however, is not about Bullfrog’s good looks. It’s [...]

Have You Been Waiting for A Good Deal to Buy a Hot Tub?

For Black Friday 2017 Discounts/Rebates on Bullfrog Spas See Below -- Best Discount of the Year!    Comparison shopping is a good idea. Especially for large purchases such as a portable spa. It’s important to be certain you are getting a quality product — and at a good price. That certainly was the case for [...]

Will a Hot Tub Fit in My Yard?

Hot Tubs do not require tearing up the yard to install it. We all know the promise of hot tub hydrotherapy — where steaming water treats everything from aches and pains to stress. But a portable hot tub can also be a focal point and play a central role as the key water [...]

Hot Tubs 101: What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Hot Tub?

If you are doing basic research before deciding if a hot tub is right for you, you might find the following information helpful -- a basic Hot Tubs 101.   Hot Tubs 101  A hot tub, which is sometimes called a home spa, and by the trade name Jacuzzi, is a large tub or water-filled [...]

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