Buying Hot Tubs Online and from Big Box Stores

Purchasing Online The gift-giving season is upon us. Ideas are everywhere. On social media. In emails. On television. Not to mention promotions in stores. So how do we narrow down a proper list?  Well if a hot tub is on your gift or wish list, you may be considering purchasing a spa [...]

Hot Tubs – Black Friday/Small Business Saturday Sales: Not Just About Price

In addition to all the turkey talk, Thanksgiving week has become a time for comparison shopping for great deals on items we’ve been hankering for. Careful Comparison Shopping Comparison shopping, of course, involves more than price. It involves quality. And trustworthy merchants. Because a good deal, on a lousy item, is no [...]

How Much Does It Cost to Own and Operate a Hot Tub?

The most frequently asked questions of our Best Hot Tubs staff is:  What are the price and costs of owning a hot tub? In case you have been wondering this yourself, here’s the lowdown from our Farmingdale, Long Island, NY,  showroom manager, Keith McPartland: Price: Overview We specialize in what we believe to be [...]

Best Hot Tubs: Lordy! There’s a Shark in Our Spa!

Barbara Corcoran of ABC's Shark Tank You might think having a shark in a hot tub is a bad idea. But, that’s not necessarily so. At least not when the shark is an internationally recognized celebrity. The shark in question is Barbara Corcoran — real estate mogul, business expert, author, speaker, and [...]

For a Good Deal on a Hot Tub: Consider More Than Price

Making List of Pros and Cons Americans are good shoppers. We’re always looking for the best deal. We frequently check things out online and walk floors, the length of football fields, at big box stores. But when it comes to large purchases such as a hot tub with so many moving and sometimes [...]

Are Hot Tubs Bad for the Environment?

Our Best Hot Tubs sales teams are frequently asked whether or not hot tubs are bad for the environment. What a relief to be able to say emphatically, No! That is...not the hot tubs we sell — Bullfrog Spas. And we're not just talking about what it costs to run Bullfrog’s portable spas. How they [...]

How a Spa Can Launch a Great Retirement

Retirement is not an end to anything, it is truly a beginning. Although many of us stay partially employed for as long as we can, there is a time when the daily routine of going to work every day turns into having lots more time doing just what we want. Celebrating this change can begin [...]

Hot Tubbing During Summer Months

If you’ve never had a hot tub, you might think it odd that people use their hot tubs in summer when the last thing one is looking for is a steamy hot soak. After all, hot tubs usually operate at high temperatures. However, not just adults, but kids love hot tubbing in summer.  That’s because when [...]

When Should I Stop Fixing My Old Hot Tub?

It is becoming more and more common when buying a home that included in the sale is the seller’s old hot tub. That was the case for recent Best Hot Tubs’ clients, in Windham, NY.  “They quickly discovered that the old hot tub leaked, and they called us to repair it,” says Bill Renter, owner of [...]

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