Tips for Hot Tub Halloween Party: Eat, Drink, and Be Scary

It can be easier than you think to host a hair-raising Halloween hot tub party. Today we’ve curated some fun online ideas — and included some of our own, Munster-friendly, not too complicated ideas. Overall Basics: You’ll want very clean water. Have a simple theme — creepy or sophisticated. You can go small (one [...]

Preparing Your Hot Tub for Fall

You’ve heard of spring cleaning. Well, for hot tubs, fall cleaning is a thing, too. It’s really important to ensure your spa is pristine and ready for the fall season when you'll be using your hot tub a good deal. There’s no better place to take in fall foliage than relaxing in a [...]

Windham, NY Columbus Weekend ‘Autumn Affair’: Picture-Perfect Fall Event

As New York City area residents wait for leaves to turn from green — to gold, crimson, yellow and orange — there is a way to kick off fall foliage season early. Eric Tiscomia, Best Hot Tubs’ Windham, NY, store manager, suggests taking a day trip to visit Greene County in New York’s Catskills [...]

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Office Trends: Making Work Areas More Like Home

It’s not just the big Tech guys like Apple and Google that have been creating a home environment at their offices these days.  According to many online reports, this trend is spreading across the country. And warming up office space hasn’t stopped with simply removing cramped cubicles. Today, a work environment can include incorporating [...]

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Bullfrog Spas: The Best Physical Therapy ‘Near Me’

When people google ‘near me’ for something they very much want, they are frequently looking for convenience, for something close by. Sometimes that need is significant and is ongoing. Consider one of our Best Hot Tubs clients. Having been advised by doctors that hot tub hydrotherapy would help him with the physical therapy he [...]

Hot Tubs: A Cure For End-of-Summer-Blues

The days are getting a bit shorter. Kids are back at school. And if you’ve got a pool, you’re planning on closing it soon.  For some, this time of year can bring on end-of-summer-blues. But can a hot tub really help? In our experience, yes it can. For one thing, when you own a [...]

‘Simplify Your Life Week’ Begins with Relaxation

This week is National Simplify Your Life Week. And it couldn’t show up in the calendar at a better moment.  Book Stores Consider, for example, CNBC’s report that sales of books related to anxiety are way up. Indeed, according to the bookseller Barnes and Noble, “We may be living in an anxious [...]

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Best Hot Tubs: Lordy! There’s a Shark in Our Spa!

Barbara Corcoran of ABC's Shark Tank You might think having a shark in a hot tub is a bad idea. But, that’s not necessarily so. At least not when the shark is an internationally recognized celebrity. The shark in question is Barbara Corcoran — real estate mogul, business expert, author, speaker, and [...]

Portable Hot Tubs: Will I Need a Permit and a Licensed Electrician? 

At Best Hot Tubs (Long Island, NYC areas and Catskills), one of our most frequently asked questions is whether or not a permit will be required to have a hot tub installed. So we went to our own Bill Renter to help with this.  “I wish there was a simple answer. However, even though [...]

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How to Choose the Best Hot Tub for Your Personality

  One of the joys of having your own portable hot tub is how easily available it is, right in our own back yard! That said, we’re all individuals. So we thought we’d share a helpful post we discovered online. (Photo: Bullfrog Spas)     The Following Article Was Written by Bullfrog Spas For News [...]