Best Hot Tubs’ Tips In Support of Earth Day 2018

When you see plastic waste the size of islands floating in our oceans, and learn of the illnesses produced by earth’s plastic pollution, well, it’s enough to make you sit up and say: I’m personally going to do better!

As many of our blog readers know, April 22nd is Earth Day  — and throughout 2018 organizers will be devoted not just reducing the amount of single-use plastic around the globe but will also be promoting alternatives to and reducing fossil-fuel consumption. And we have some tips below on how to be a good steward of the planet. But first, let’s consider the hot tub itself.

Green Bullfrog Spas

Green Bullfrog Spas

One way Bullfrog Spas contribute to the latter is by producing hot tub models that use very little energy to operate.

For one thing, all Bullfrog models boast a full-foam insulation that truly locks in the heat.

“People often question me as to why a particular Bullfrog Spa is more costly than others they’ve found on the internet,” says Bill Renter, owner and Best Hot Tubs (Farmingdale, Westbury, Windham/NY).

“I tell them, that’s easy. The single most expensive part in a Bullfrog Spa is its foam insulation.

Along with Bullfrog’s efficient plumbing, this insulation makes owning and operating their spa much less costly. The foam contains the heat within so that very little is lost to colder outside air.”



Spa Operating Costs

Spa Operating Costs



“Indeed, there’s hard data to confirm that this system, along with the full foam and overall more efficient equipment, helps you save energy and ensures that you can truly relax as you soak — free from worry about your energy bill or that you are using a lot of energy,” says Renter.



Bullfrog Spas Plumbing

Bullfrog Spas Plumbing

Bill adds that Bullfrog Spas uses 90 percent less plumbing in their hot tub design primarily because of their patented JetPak massage systems.

The required plumbing for these jets is included within each JetPak, so the hot tub unit itself isn’t encumbered with extra plumbing to move the massage jet water.

“This means that because the whole unit is installed with less plumbing, less friction is caused when operating overall, requiring less energy to move water into and through the jets,” says Bill.


Saving Our Planet


Plastic Waste off Honduras (HANDOUT / CAROLINE POWER PHOTOGRAPSo, when it comes to energy use, we can truly relax using a Bullfrog Spa — even on Earth Day!

But, what about those island-size floating trash heaps in our oceans?

True. Hot tubs inspire entertaining at home…lots of entertaining. And it’s very important when family and friends are soaking in the warm waters of a hot tub, that they stay hydrated.

But does that mean cases of bottled water on hand? No!

Certainly, hot tubbers should be warned off using glass around their hot tub — bare feet being common. But that doesn’t mean you have to turn to single-use disposable plastic as the remedy.

So here’s some ideas on how to eliminate unnecessary earth-harming frills.



Choose Alternatives to Plastic When Entertaining


Wasara Ware Bio-degradable Ware

Wasara Ware Bio-degradable Ware



Eco-friendly disposable products made from bamboo, reed pulps, or cane fibers abound. Such products are easily compostable. And as you’ll see from this photo they can even be elegant.




Bamboo disposable plates

Bamboo disposable plates




Or, if you’d prefer something reusable, Sur La Table offers reusable wood plates can be easily washed with soapy water.








Corelle Glassware

Corelle Glassware

There’s even a type of glassware that’s crack and break resistant. Corelle is one company that makes these and offer them in a variety of patterns. There’s also stainless steel glassware.

There’s even paper straws in different colors making it easy for guests to distinguish their drinks. (Note: we’ve read these straws do not get soggy nor fall apart in drinks.)

As for plastic utensils: Okay. No one wants to use these anyway. So use the real thing.





Other Ways to Help the Environment

Say No! to Balloons

Say No! to Balloons



Balloons: just don’t use them. Decorate with flowers, paper lanterns, table covers etc. instead of balloons or disposable garlands.

Or, even better? Consider not buying anything. When your party’s large enough, how about renting your party stuff, including utensils. Just be sure to tell the company you don’t want anything breakable.

Happy earth day, everyone.



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