Backyard Upgrade Designed for Family Fun

“We are so happy to be involved with this special Lawrence, NY, project,” says Best Hot Tubs’ store manager (Westbury), Dan Mirro. “We’ve been working with Massapequa-based London Landscape to include a new Bullfrog Spa as part of the backyard fun-land they are building.”

Lawrence, NY, Backyard Upgrade

Lawrence, NY, Backyard Upgrade

The clients, adds Dan, love having their children and grandkids over and are pulling out all the stops. In addition to a pool, water slide, putting green, and bar/dining counter, the hot tub can be part of all the seasonal fun but also be used when the pool is shut down.”

As you can see from today’s photos, the project is presently under construction. Photos of the completed project will be published later this month.


The clients were already working with London Landscape when the husband stopped in to  Best Hot Tubs showroom in Westbury.

“He he had a different spa in mind from the Bullfrog Spas we sell,” says Dan. “But seeing our storefront, he stopped in out of curiosity. He asked me lot of good questions, including why the hot tubs we sell are more costly than the one he was planning on getting.”

Dan shared how energy-efficient Bullfrog spas are and how well all the different models are built. But it was Bullfrog’s JetPak technology (interchangeable massage seats) that sealed the deal. (To learn about these massage seats, we include a video below.)

Bullfrog Spas’ R7L model

Bullfrog Spas’ R7L model


The client settled on the full-featured Bullfrog R7L model. It seats 6, has a relaxing bent-knee lounge seat, and 4 JetPak massage seats of his own choosing.

“This model is designed with two internal pumps, which is important to these clients,” says Dan. “The dual pumps ensure that both sides of the spa will always enjoy strong pulsating action.”


The Project

The clients asked for the hot tub to be next to the new L-shaped outdoor bar/dining counter that London Landscape is building. They also wanted it to have a built-in look, so it had to be set flush against their masonry deck to give that appearance.


Bullfrog R7L Spa

Bullfrog R7L Spa



“To fit the spa between the bar and the deck properly, we needed very precise measurements of the hot tub,” adds London Landscape owner, Brian Cooper.

“Working closely with Dan, we left room in our design for an 8-foot by 8-foot spa. We also constructed a custom masonry mount or spa cradle to elevate the hot tub to the right access height.”






Granite-Topped Bar/Dining Counter

Granite-Topped Bar/Dining Counter

London Landscape has veneered the bar with cultured stone to match the existing raised patio and masonry deck. And it is topped with a handsome granite counter.

“It’s all been done in a way to allow those in the hot tub to chat with others sitting at the bar. It’s a type of conversation pit,” says Brian Cooper.

By adding an additional shelf, made of the same bar materials, adjacent to the hot tub provides an ideal spot for towels and drinks. Because this addition also turns the L-shaped bar into a “U,” it creates an ideal space for a bartender to stand and make and serve drinks when the clients are entertaining, he says.

“One challenge Dan at Best Hot Tubs did have was to figure a way to install the spa so it met all the clients’ preferences.”

The trick was to allow proper access to the hot tub panel for any future maintenance, as well as ensure an open spa cover did not obstruct any views of their fun-land backyard when sitting in the spa.

“Since you don’t want a hot tub lying on the ground when it’s open, hot tub covers are usually designed to fold upright on two arms. This upright position also acts as a privacy screen so neighbors can’t see you getting in to the hot tub,” says Dan.


Hot Tub Fitted With Cover Support Bars

Hot Tub Fitted With Cover Support Bars

But since that would obstruct views at least in one direction, Dan’s answer was to add two arms at the front end of the spa. These keep it off the ground, but lying flat and not upright. When soaking in the spa, the yard can be seen in every direction.”

London Landscape fitted the hot tub so neatly that the masonry from the deck goes right up flush to the acrylic of the spa. “This truly gives the spa the built-in look the clients wanted,” says Dan.

Brian Cooper adds that working closely with Dan ensured it all went smoothly.




Note: Stop by this space again in a few weeks to see photos of the finished yard. In the meantime, here’s the video we promised showcasing Bullfrog’s special JetPak technology:



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